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Gamers, nerds, geeks and tech guys around the globe, welcome to Hel.Ga.Te.S!

Here, in our site, you will find useful information about video games and technology topics that relate to them. Each topic or discussion mentioned here, stems from our own personal experience (and only) and we will try to present it as sincerely and objectively as possible!

More specifically, you will be able to find information about:

  • video games, both old and new, on several platforms (PC, consoles, mobile phones, you name it).
  • gadgets/ accessories.
  • reflections on a variety of topics regarding video game technology and its trends.

Take your time and browse the contents of this site. We sincerely believe that there is something for everyone! If you like what you read (and only!), do us and yourself a favor and follow our site! Also, you can send us topics and ideas about the factors we mentioned above to further discuss and present in our site!

Thank you very much for your support and we would really love to hear your feedback!


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