Royal Battleground is a battle royale game by  FuryLion. To my surprise , there was absolutely no tutorial to teach the basics. You just start, press battle and learn the game by trial and error. The game is super unbalanced with a lack of strategy, tactics and action. Your only actions are move, attack, and later (if you manage to overcome boredom) you pick up a special power. The attack animation is buggy and the same applies for all the weapons. The only difference is the damage: if you have a common weapon equipped, you need 3 to 4 hits to kill someone but if you have legendary equipment, you need tops 2 hits. The only reasons that I put a 3 and not a zero are the random power ups that you pick up, the fast matchmaking and the variety of the maps.


They are just prehistorical, with a lack of visual effects, buggy animations, a  lack of different attack animation for different weapons and also a lack of variety in weapons and characters (spoiler alert: 6 characters and 9 weapons). The positives are, the variety of the maps and that changing a weapon also changes its actual appearance and not only its stats.

Sound design….2

The game has a great background music while at home screen…and that’s all there is to it.

Points to Add:

In my opinion, do not waste your time with this one. An advice to the creators: put more damn effort, make it an actual GAME and first and foremost, change its silly name.

SCORE:…2.7 ”Bad”