Platform Reviewed on: PC

Also available on: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Linux, Mac OS, Nintendo Switch.

Near perfect gameplay with fantastic controls that combines elements from both “metroidvania” and “Souls-like” games. Too many similarities with Dark Souls. In fact, IT IS a 2-d Dark Souls.
There is a ton of weapons, armors and spells to find and upgrade each one with its own unique attributes. Areas can be initially tough to navigate due to the fact that there is no map. Also, some platforming sections are frustratingly difficult.
Enemies (particularly bosses) are challenging without being unfair. Uninteresting story that is mainly told via dialogue boxes while talking to the few NPCs that are scattered around the world. There are no cut scenes whatsoever.
Different character classes (from knight to chef!!) that play distinctly and progressively stronger enemies with each playthrough offer tons of replayability. Forgettable soundtrack and sound design in general.
VERDICTA good and addicting game that will provide you with many hours of quality gameplay despite its few shortcomings.