Platfrom reviewed on: PC.

Also available on: Playstation 4, Xbox One.

A very interesting, captivating and engaging story that unfortunately……falls completely flat in the end since it provokes even more questions than it answers without reaching a satisfying conclusion (subjectively speaking at least).
Stellar graphic design, espescially regarding the portrayal of the space station, the characters themselves and the whole claustrophobic atmosphere. I know that you are an A.I. but controls are extremely awkward, clunky and frustrating for their own good.
Unique and interesting gameplay (for the most part at least), since you are the A.I. of a space station controlling surveillance cameras, hatches and other electronic devices in order to help the main protagonist find out what is going on. Extremely short since a normal playthrough lasts around 3 – 4 hours and there is not a single reason to play it again, apart from finding all unlockables.
Superb sound design and voice acting.Puzzles while at first interesting, eventually become really repetitive and tedious. In addition, some of them are extremely vague and you might have to look up the solution on the Internet.
VERDICTAn interesting and unique game that could have been great if not hampered by its really awful conclusion and bad controls.