Now I can say that I have used a large number of keyboards in my life, however all of them were membrane ones. One of my favourites is the Corsair K55 which is incredible vfm espescially for the price of 50 euros.

Recently I decided to opt for a mechanical keyboard in order to see if there was a noticable difference in both gaming and typing without breaking the bank. And after some research I ended up here; the Coolermaster CK550.

Coolermaster is one of the companies that has earned my respect all those years so I decided without hesitation to invest in this product. And I was correct. This is a full sized true mechanical keyboard that is very robust and has a premium feel to it. And why is that? It is  made of beautifully painted black aluminum. As a result the keyboard, itself is on the heavier side espescially for its size and it is undoubtedly of premium quality. You can buy it with 3 types of switches, brown, red and blue depending on your likings. I purchased the one with the noisy blue switches. Keystrokes are amazing and loud. Now I type a lot so you would not want to stay in the same room with me even as I am browsing the Internet! As for games, its performance is stellar. Every input is translated instantly ingame without delay making it ideal for competitive gaming.

Another feature is the RGB lighting. It is magnificent. Using the Coolermaster software you can add tons and tons of effects and customize it to your preferences. I adore the rainbow effect where the keyboard cycles all the colors of the rainbow. You can define RGB presets that can also be changed on the fly usnig a dedicated key.

However, there are 2 downsides; Initially,  its cord, despite being of high quality, it is not braided. Secondly, that it does not have dedicated macro keys and they are all activated through Fn, which for me is not an issue at all but for other users it might be a huge letdown.

Ergonomy/ Ease of use:….8

As I said the performance of the keyboard is top notch. Typing and gaming is extremely easy and wrist friendly. The keyboard can be placed either horizontally to your office or with a slight incline due to the 2 small retractable stands underneath. There are lights that show whether Caps Lock or Num Lock keys are activated but due to the fact that the keyboard’s keys are quite tall, you cannot see them from the usual typing position without placing the keyboard closer to you. Also there is no wrist rest, so if you want one you should buy it separately.

Value for money:…..9

CK550 costs around 80 to 90 euros here in Greece. If you are new to the mechanical keyboards category and you do not have the budget to spend into something pricier, then this purchase is a no brainer.  Say hello to enless gaming sessions with this trusty companion on your side.


SCORE:….8.7, ”Great”.