Up until now, I have been using mostly wired headsets while gaming or generally playing around with my PC. However I got tired of all these wires and decided to look for a decent wireless headset. I was between this and the Logitech G533 but I chose this one. The reason for this was the fact that my previous wired headset was also from Hyper X and I was very satisfied bi its overall quality.

Hyper X Cloud Flight is a gaming wireless headset with a large battery life (almost 30 hours) that in my opinion is a very good choice for every PC user. IThe headset itself is made mostly of high quality reinforced plastic which is painted black red, after the colours of its company. Although It does not appear as robust as Hyper X Cloud II (which is made of aluminum), it will not break anytime soon. Personally I think it is a beautiful piece of hardware and the red light on the earcups adds more points to its appearance, despite the fact that it reduces battery life to half the promised. The light itself has some effects as well, but I prefer while playing  switching it off so as to preserve battery juice. Another good thing is that its USB dongle is small and discrete, emitting a red breathing light when on.

As far as sound is concerned, the headset perfroms exceptionally. It is not true 7.1 surround sound but I did not notice the absence of it at all. I play all kinds of games, from FPS to horror titles and I can safely say that sound quality is top notch. While playing Mordhau for example I can hear the footsteps of my opponents and change my orientation in time in order to face them before they turn me into minced beef. The headset is also extremely good while listening to music and it performs adequately well in rock songs and beats due to the exceptional bass it has.

The headset comes also with a detachable microphone that can be bent in order to adjust it to your likings. Its performance is adequate for playing video games, but as far as streaming is concerned, you should use one with better quality.

Ergonomy/ Ease of use:….10

As mentioned earlier, due to the fact that is made of plastic, Cloud flight is extremely lightweight. Even after long gaming sessions, it is not tiring at all for your head. You can adjust its headband in order to fit all head sizes. Earcups’ pillows are soft and leather like and isolate well external sounds. In addition,  earcups can be twisted when you want to put the headset on your neck. The left earcup has a large button that when pushed, it quick mutes the microphone; pretty handy when playing games and want to swear to your teammates without them listening.

Furthermore, the headset can be used while charging which is particularly useful if you want to continue playing your favourite titles but forgot to charge your headset the night before. There is a volume knob on the right earcup, as well as a mini usb port for charging. A full recharge of its battery takes about 3 hours and after that you are ready to go. Eventually, its range is also very good and you can still listen to music even if there are walls between your pc and the headset itself.

Value for money:…..9

The headset costs around 110 to 120 euros here in Greece but I bought it at 80 euros due to Black Friday discounts. I am extremely satisfied with its quality and its ease of use. If you are interested in a decent wireless headset for gaming and music, then look no further. A must buy for every PC user.


SCORE:….9.7, ”Epic”.