Warlords is a srpg game, strategy role playing game, turn based with no real time fights, so basically you fight bots, not players. You build a team of heroes with a variety of roles that suits best for you, the roles are guardian pikers, mages, archers and horsemen. It’s hero has 2 abilities which they unlock them by promoting them and a set of class equipment. Ranks, Levels, stars (promotions) and equipments is what counts the power of each hero. The game have a story mode which is not interesting or quite a story I could tell, some farming mechanics and a PvP mode.

To proceed on story you have to unlock new locations on map which you have to pay gold to unlock them and they also have a timer so you will have to wait after for the new map to come. The timer and gold feature also applies to the gear upgrades.

I have to warn you the PvP is not interesting cause you play against the bot of a player’s team not any actual real time fights. It’s a farm to win game without any interest of making you want to keep farming and getting stronger or continue playing the game.

So you actually farm gold, heroes, rank up objects and equipment. That’s it, no events, group playing, no clan events no tournaments, just farm farm and farm.

The fight mechanics are simple and nice with some strategic features and positions while fighting, but you are playing against a bot how competitive can it be?


The graphics of game are just good with out any high quality attacks and a least to minimum special visual effects of some abilities.

Sound design:…..5

This feature is like any basic game nothing special with a lot of room for improvement, like for example the heroes could have their own quotes or lines when they are summoned, attacking or doing their abilities.

Points to Add:

The game is farm to win, with 0 events and variety to keep your interest and in game description says it has a PvP mode but is not actual PvP and it’s player vs bots which it’s not interesting.

SCORE:… 4.9, ” Just Below Average”.