Tactical Monsters is a turn based multiplayer strategy game. The premise is simple: you assemble a team of 4 monsters, of which the 3 are pre selected prior to looking for an adversary and the 4th one is chosen after the beginning of the match, in order to adapt your strategy accordingly after seeing the choice of the other player. The match continues until all monsters of a team are dead or until the last round finishes and winner is the one who has more monsters with larger health bars at his disposal.

Apart from the competitive PvP section,  there is also an adventure mode, which is completely deprived of a story line and its sole purpose is to unlock some new features, new cards and gold. A choice to join a clan also exists where you can donate and request cards and farm points by killing monsters in PvP for the clan chest. I have to warn you though; the acquiring of the clan chest is tedious and needs a lot of team effort and grinding so as to reach the ultimate reward.

When I reached level 12 (and until 15 where I stopped playing), I realized that the game is either Pay to Win or wait for several years to upgrade your cards to a competitive level for PvP. This is true for 3 main reasons:

1st) The matchmaking system is horrible and unfair; I was level 14 and I was facing level 17 and 18 opponents. Things only got worse when I leveled up even more. And to make you understand how unfair it was, the level of my monsters was around 13-14 while on the contrary, my enemy’s was 16-18. Believe me; 2 levels make a huge difference!

2nd) The number of monsters that need to be sacrificed in order to upgrade your monster after a certain level is truly absurd! For example, in order for a monster card to be leveled up from 14 to 15, 1000 cards of a common monster and a hefty sum of 10000 gold is needed, plus have in mind that maximum level of a card is 23 and the requirements for lvling it, is always increasing unevenly.

3rd) There are these new heroes that they bring every now and then which are optional and you can either hope to get them by some random loot drops or purchase certain promotion packs, which are quite costly for Free to Play players. In the end, you will be stuck on the same arena for months until you farm the necessary cards and you will continue fighting inevitable battles with opponents of a much higher level than you.



The graphics ingame are just good without any flabbergasting attack effects or battlegrounds and no special visual effects for different skills. It’s just good and smooth which is good for your cell phone’s battery.


Sound design:…..5

There is a lot of room for improvement here, like for example the monsters could have their own quotes or lines when summoned, when attacking or when doing their ultimate skills.


Points to Add:


The game is free to play, however, in order to win events or tournaments you have to go Pay to Win due to a surprisingly unfair matchmaking. This frustrated me a lot and I eventually abandoned it.

SCORE:…5, ”Average”.