General/ Plot….9

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a turn based RPG strategy game developed by Larian Studios. You start on a ship as a prisoner, because you  are in possession of source magic, a kind of magic forbidden due to the fact that when used, it draws to your world alien monsters named the Void with catastrophic consequences. After an event that takes place on board the ship (no spoilers here…) you end up as a castaway on the island that was the ship’s destination. The story is simple yet open ended, depending on the player’s decisions. Your ultimate goal is to master this source magic and save the world. There are a lot of plot twists in the story that unravels before your eyes. In addition, you can choose which companions stand beside you from a variety of different characters and races. The game gives you the freedom to interact with them and form a relationship, beneficial or not for both of you. You can either help them complete their goals or prevent them from doing so.


Overall, the game has great graphics; from the spells and combat moves to armors and landscapes, everything is designed beautifully! The only disadvantage worth mentioning is that there should have been more armor designs. There were a lot of times that i changed my armor and i didn’t feel that something had changed in the appearance of my character.

Sound Design….9

While playing the game, its background sounds and the voices of your characters will make you feel like you are there. The sound designers have done a pretty good job in creating an epic soundtrack that neatly accompanies the character of the game. For every occasion, there are different tunes; when going inside a tavern you can hear bards playing their beautiful songs and upon starting climactic battles, the background music playing will make your heart pumping harder. Even the spells and the combat moves have very good sound effects. The only bad thing concerning sound design is that not all responses from NPCs you encounter are voiced over.


The best part about this game is its gameplay! The game has so many features to sink your teeth into. There are many classes and 5 races, and every race has its own unique race spells. The classes are created from a combination of combat attributes you get by leveling up your character. For example, i started as an Inquisitor, which is a combination of the Warfare class and the Necromancer class and after some time and a lot of battles, my character became the following ”mixture”: 40% Pyrokinetic, 25% Necromancer, 25% Hyrdosophist and 10% Warfare.

Each combat attribute offers you different power ups and skills / spells and overall there is an insurmountable number of combinations! Moreover you can use landscapes and land elements to your advantage.  If there is oil nearby and you cast a fire spell, you create a giant explosive area of effect attack that wreaks havoc. If on the other hand there is water and you cast a fire spell on it, it becomes steam and if you cast an electric spell on the steam, you create a catastrophic electric steam cloud! There is a plethora of combinations for you to experiment with! Furthermore, you can start a campaign in multiplayer mode and enjoy the game with your friends, evolving the fun to a whole other level.

The only negative aspect that i found its game play is that i played the game on the 2nd highest difficulty setting with only a party of 2  and prior to the final act, the game stopped being competitive thus spoiling some of the fun i was having.

Value for money….8

I enjoyed so much playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 and for the price of 45 Euros (which you can also buy it now with steam gift for the price of 38 Euros), i think it is a quite worthy experience for all these hours of amazing gameplay it managed to offer me.

SCORE…..8,8 “Great”.