Recently, I swapped my old fat refurbished Xbox One for the One S, paying a relatively small amount of money. One of the main reasons i did this purchase was to finally save some room on my desk; The Xbox One S can be placed vertically. However, the problem is that it cannot be put vertically by itself, it requires a ”special” stand. I was really hoping that Microsoft would have considered putting this accessory inside the starter bundle, but i was wrong.

Unfortunately, my dear friends, this is not the case. You have to buy this simple piece of plastic separately. The only Xbox One bundles that contain that from the gecko are the more expensive ones.

As far as quality is concerned, the stand is made of quality dense plastic that can withstand your console’s pressure without yielding. On the bottom side it features an anti slip surface that manages to prevent movement on the desk. However, I am not that certain if my console will not fall if hit mistakenly by a horizontal blow.

Ergonomy/ Ease of use:….9

The stand snaps easily to the bottom of the console ‘’freezes’’ it in place.  Nothing fancy here.

Value for Money:….2

Seriously, 20 Euros for this? 20 Euros? This should have been inside every Xbox One bundle. Every single one. With 20 Euros you can purchase other much more useful things, like an older quality game on sale, 2 rechargeable NiCd batteries for your controllers etc. There are 3rd party stands out there that provide complementary USB ports for your console and charger stands for the controllers. If you find it used for less than 7 Euros, only then consider buying it. Sorry for the rant, but this is unacceptable.

SCORE:……6, ”Fair”.