On September 2016, my extremely long hours occupation with Overwatch and Smite made me thinking about taking competitive gaming more seriously. For this reason, it was apparent that I needed to purchase a decent headset to communicate more effectively with my squad. However, i didn’t have enough money to spend and thus my choices were limited. After a lot of research on gaming headsets, I ended up buying SADES SA-901. Unfortunately, there were no reviews about it on the Internet and my decision was purely instinctive.

If i had to describe it with one word, the headset is brilliant, especially considering its low price. It features a 7.1 Surround external USB card (20~20.000 Hz and 111 dB +/- 3 dB at 1 kHz), 2.2 m of braided tangle-free cable, a reinforced plastic headband that secures nicely over your head (its height can be also adjusted) that does not hurt the player after prolonged gaming sessions. Furthermore, there is a retractable microphone of decent quality..

The only reason I am not putting put a 10 here, is because people who have large ears will most certainly have an issue, since the available space between headphones and ears is limited.

Ergonomy/ Ease of use:…..9

Prior to using it, you have to manually install the drivers from the CD or the product’ s Website. After that, you just have to plug it in on a USB port and that’s all. Easy as pie.

Value for money:…..10

I bought the headset for 20 Euros on 2016. Recently, I bought it again as a gift for the price of 25 Euros. The price increase means that due to high demand, the manufacturer might raise it even more. Having it in my possession for over 1 year and a half, i can safely say that it is undoubtedly the best headset you can find at the price range of under 50 Euros. If you are low on budget and do not already have a decent headset, purchase one immediately. Trust me, it is worth every cent.

SCORE:….9.3 , ‘’Epic’’.