Platform reviewed on: Xbox One.

Also on: Playstation 4, PC, Switch, Linux.

General/ Plot:…7.5

This game is one of the craziest ideas I have ever heard off. I decided to buy it so as to play some couch co op with my girlfriend. We both loved it and after a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we managed to pass every stage with 3 stars!

The concept here is unique. A huge monster, which looks like spaghetti with a burger on top, arrives at your world and wants to destroy it. The only way to get rid of it, is to extinguish its appetite.  Unfortunately, your character, a young chef, only knows how to make salad with tomatoes and cabbage. The king of your realm (which is literally an onion with a mustache) sees that and he decides to send you back in time in order to learn how to cook different recipes and eventually be able to defeat it in the present.

Now, seriously, which twisted mind thought about that? It’s so silly that…It is good! The game never takes itself too seriously for its own good. It has a unique sense of humor that cannot be found easily in today’s video games.


As you would expect, the graphics are cartoonish to the bone. Despite not being anything extraordinary, they are pretty functional and help create a warm and funny atmosphere. Character models are very funny and they look like creations out of clay that a 5 year old made while in the kindergarden. You can put your chef’s hat on boys, girls, robots, crocodiles, bears, raccoons etc. Their sight will surely make you crack a smile! The environments are varied and well designed; your chef cooks in huge pirate ships, volcanoes, ghost houses and frozen fields to name a few.

Sound Design:….7.5

Sound design is also very silly. There is absolutely no voice acting here. The caricatures you control can only mumble (seriously, my cat has a larger vocabulary..), much like the characters in the Sims games. The music is purely instrumental and accompanies great the overall feeling and pace of the game, giving it extra charm. In some stages, the tracks are so energetic, that you will catch yourself dancing to their rhythm while you are trying to cook properly. Eventually, sound effects are like watching a cartoon show on TV, reinforcing the overall funny feeling of the game.


Gameplay is fantastic. The control scheme is very simple, relying only on 3 buttons. In no time you will be able to move your character, chop the food, cook it, serve it on a platter and deliver it to the customers. The goal is to earn as much points as you can, by properly cooking the food that the customers demand. Each order and its ingredients are displayed clearly on screen and you have a limited time to prepare it. You earn more points if you prepare it quickly but on the other hand, points are deducted from you if you deliver a wrong order or if you do not deliver it at all.

As you progress, the difficulty of the game increases. All the more perils begin to make their appearance. Giant cockroaches appear from holes, steal your ingredients and you have to repel them. Food catches fire and you have to use a fire extinguisher before the flames engulf your whole kitchen. The ground becomes slippery when you are playing on ice fields and as a result, your character is prone to falling in the frozen water. When in the ghost house, furniture changes place periodically, meaning that you have to be constantly on your toes and track the position of your ingredients or else the path to them will be blocked.

Generally, it is easy to pass a stage with a ”one star” rating. To acquire 3 stars you have to truly master each mission and be able to properly cooperate with your teammate. The only thing I did not like is that there are some stages with unnecessary huge difficulty spikes (like the final stage of the game) which will frustrate you a lot. If you persist though, you will succeed.

Value for Money:…8

I bought the game and its DLCs for about 17 Euros. It kept me and my girlfriend occupied for more than 25 hours. It is fun, addicting as hell and family friendly. If you manage though to finish every stage with 3 stars, you will not have any other challenge to beat and you will abandon it.

Score:…7.7, ‘’Very good’’.

P.S.: To see some gameplay footage, click here. (video recorded using Xbox One Kinect).