Clash Royale is a very enthralling Strategy – Multiplayer crossbreed by Supercell. It is a combination of cards and tower defense game. You build your army using a deck of 8 cards and you battle it out with other players. Your battle takes place in an arena where each player has 3 towers (2 Queen Towers to the side of the screen and a King tower in the center). A river with 2 bridges separates the players and defines the area where you can drop your units.

Initially, you start with a hand of 4 cards. Each time you use one card, it consumes mana and you have to draw another one. There are 3 kind of cards; troopers, buildings and spells. The aim of each session is to demolish the opponent’s King Tower or at least destroy more Queen towers than your opponent in 3 minutes. If both players destroyed the same amount of queen towers, the session continues for 1 more minute, until one more tower is destroyed or else the session ends in a draw.

Apart from 1v1 battles there are also 2v2. Here you have to have good teamwork with your partner, otherwise you will undoubtedly suffer a crashing defeat. The game might be easy to understand but believe me it’s very difficult to master. The game also gives you the chance to create a clan and work together as a team with other players to exchange cards or to gather points for a clan chest every week. Moreover, you can share your account with facebook and play with your friends together in 2v2 or against one another. And last but not least, every now and then there are tournaments that have special rules and grant the winner outstanding rewards!


The graphics of the game are very good. They hardly tire your eyes while playing, which is great since we are talking for a game played on a very small screen. Furthermore, they are optimized to preserve as much as possible your mobile’s battery if playing a lot of matches. Finally, the developers have done a great job designing cards and arenas and there is a lot of variety in them.

Sound design:…..9

Developers have done a great job in this part also, with a nice menu soundtrack and unique intro sounds for each arena. Every trooper’s sound effect while being summoned, attacking and moving is unique. While in battle, there is also background music with increasing volume when the timer is running out in order to provide a sense of urgency. However, this background music gets repetitive, since it is the only one featured in the game.

Points to Add:

The game is free to play with in-game purchases which can boost your progress. I have to say though, ”pay to win” is not an one way road since there is a lot of skill involved here.  Eventually, in tournaments, there is very good matchmaking, since every player participating has exactly the same level and card deck worth with the others, thus resulting in fair fights.

SCORE:…9, ”Epic”.