In the past, I did not pay attention to keyboards: I just bought the cheapest model of a known (to me) brand, mostly Microsoft or Logitech. However, recently,  my wrists started hurting due to long typing sessions. Afraid that I might suffer from carpal syndrome some time in the future, I decided to finally discard my  crappy old mouse and keyboard combo ASAP.

I started searching more seriously and I figured out that my only way out of this problem were the old huge Microsoft keyboards (the ones that the receiver looks like a wired mouse..). Those were very comfortable and almost none other keyboard matched their quality (in my opinion always!). However, it is highly uncommon to be able to find something like that in good condition nowadays.

After some research, I found this full sized Logitech Mk 710 combo. It is by far the best wireless office keyboard combo that I have ever used. Both mouse and keyboard  are very well designed and are made of high quality plastic. They are very robust and seem to be able to withstand falls and water. On the keyboard, there is an integrated hard rubber pillow to support the wrists.  The mouse is a bit heavy and it features a high quality rubber band on its side that prevents hand slippage. Only down side here is that the keyboard’s glossy black surface is not anti static, meaning that it accumulates dust over time.

Ergonomy/ Ease of use:…..9.5

The keyboard features large keys that are in adequate distance the one from the other, thus significantly raising typing speed. Also there are a lot of programmable keys for a variety of functions. The mouse has an adequate size that will satisfy even the most demanding user. Apart from the usual right and left clicks and the roller, it features 2 side buttons and another middle button that can regulate the roller speed. A big advantage of the keyboard is that there is a small non illuminated LCD screen that shows battery level and whether Caps Lock, and Num Lock keys are enabled. The battery life for both mouse and keyboard is at approximately 3 years (both require 2 AA alkaline batteries to work). Ultimately, the Mk 710 is ”Plug and Play” and connects via the Logitech Unifying Receiver to the PC, meaning that you can connect on it 5 more Logitech devices.

Value for money:…..8

The only reason I did not put a higher score here is the fact that this combo costs a lot. I bought it last year for 90 Euros, which is quite a lot for my salary. However, given the fact that I dedicate a lot of my time in front of a computer screen, it is a quite worthy investment. I am not using it for games though, but I think that it will serve its purpose in this department quite well.

SCORE:….8.8 ‘’Great’’