General/ Plot……9

I was not a fan player of FPS games until Overwatch came by storm in 2016! Overwatch is an RPG – FPS Co Op game, brought to us by Blizzard. It has a variety of 6v6 modes and 3v3 Team Deathmatch. The game and its community continues to grow, and as a result, it is periodically updated with new modes and tweaks. The tactics you follow and the goal of each mode is different. In one mode, the goal of your team is to conquer certain capture points in a stage. In another, there a defending and an attacking team , where the role of the attackers is to move the payload (usually a car :P) to a certain point on the map and the defenders have to stop them no matter what! :D. There are other modes as well, such as capturing all the defending team’s capture points but here, the second point unlocks only after the conquest of the first. Eventually, there is a mode that combines all the aforementioned.  You pick a role (DPS, tank, and healer) and a character (which can be changed in game after dying), and alongside your teammates you fight in one of the 6v6 modes mentioned above.  Moreover, if you ever get bored of these modes (which are found in quick play) you can choose Arcade which has more unique modes, like capture the flag, kill the Yeti (only available on winter season), one versus all deathmatch and others. Worth mentioning is the fact that the available modes refresh periodically by the developers.


The graphics of this game, taking into consideration that you have a PC that can perform well on “high” settings (the game truly shines on “ultra” and “epic” settings), are just amazing. Stages, characters, skins (which can be unlocked via in-game currency), weapons, ammunition all are very well designed. Movement is fluid and the fps do not drop at all even when the action is frenetic. I could not find a single flaw in the graphics.

Sound Design…….9

Developers have given much attention to the sounds of the game and have carefully put each and every detail. You can hear the sound of every movement; climbing, jumping, running, reloading, activating your ultimate (it’s the super ability of each character). They have also designed different sound effect for each attack in order to recognize who is attacking you just by hearing it. Also the characters have their own voice reactions, like when they spot a sniper or they are low on health, or even when your team has forgotten to move the payload. Moreover, the game provides voice communication with your team that upon activating, you can start communicating with the rest of the squad. The only reason that I did not give it a 10 is because they could make a couple of different soundtracks for victory and defeat, instead of a single one for each. They could have made also different voice reactions for the legendary skins.

Game play…………9

What I loved most about the game (and it keeps me playing again and again for hours) is its gameplay. The sessions are mostly 6v6, where prior to each one you pick a character and the role you like and you must cooperate with your squad to outplay and outsmart the enemy team in each scenario of each mode, in a restricted time limit. The game pace is hectic and you are constantly on your toes. Things get even more stressful as the final countdown begins and your team is falling behind. When the timer ends, the game doesn’t always end; If you are still on the objective (either when inside the capture point or near the payload) the game extends to overtime for as long as you are contesting on the objective giving you an extra chance  to win! In the game you will find  characters with unique playstyles, different abilities and weapons. You can be sneaky, snipe from afar, protect and heal your team as well as play every role your mind can think of. Moreover the game provides you with a competitive mode which, from my experience in competitive games (like LoL, Smite, Dota, etc.), posseses a quite fair MMR system. Only downside in gameplay is the fact that most players (particularly on lower ranks like bronze, silver and gold) who do not want to pick anything else apart from DPS and as a result, you find yourself playing always the role of the healer or the tank. The developers could have obliged you to choose your role beforehand in competitive. That way, every team would have at least 1 healer and 1 tank in its composition!

Value for money..10

Overall, Overwatch is ABSOLUTELY worth its money. Even if you are not that crazy about it, it’s a really nice game to pass your free time because the matches last only 5 minutes (rarely more if in overtime). I have played this game around 400 hours and will likely continue doing so for a very very long time!

SCORE:…9.4/10, “Epic”.

Ps: If you start playing the game and you have a PC, you can add me and have fun together. My tag is MrSpanker#2852