For those of you new to our site’s content, in our game reviews, we review 5 aspects:

  1. General/ plot: Here, we review the plot of the game. For games that do not have a plot, they will receive a 7 by default if their premise is interesting. If not, they will receive a rating below that.
  2. Graphics: Here we review the graphical presentation of each game. There are games that might not use high tech technology for graphics (like Stardew Valley) but with their hand drawn environments and characters could be a pleasant treat for the eye, so their score will be increased.
  3. Sound Design: Soundtrack, sound effects and voice acting will be reviewed here.
  4. Gameplay: Control schematics, ”ease of play”, boredom factor, multiplayer mode and generally if it is fun or not.
  5. Value for Money: Money spent by us upon purchase versus abundance of content and time required for completion.

An average score comes from these 5 factors, and this is shown on the SCORE field at the end of the review.  We are giving each game a numerical rating from 1 to 10 and a brief description. The ratings and their respective descriptions are as shown below:

Rating          Description

  • 0 – 1                Garbage
  • 1 – 2                Trash
  • 2 – 3                Abysmal
  • 3 – 4                Poor
  • 4 – 5                Just Below Average
  • 5 – 6                Fair
  • 6 – 7                Good
  • 7 – 8                Very Good
  • 8 – 9                Great
  • 9 – 10              Epic

In addition, every author here on this site has his unique “Certificate of Achievement” symbol, which is put only in games he believes should be included “yesterday” in every gamer’s library.

As far as Accessory reviews are concerned, we review 3 factors:

  1. Quality: Here we check the materials used for the construction of the accessory we are reviewing, whether it can endure tough use like falls, throws etc
  2. Ergonomy/ Ease of use: Whether it is ”plug and play” or it needs 5 different operating systems to run properly, if it strains the player or if it is comfortable.
  3. Value for money: Money spent by us upon purchasing towards quality and ease of use of other accessories in this particular price range.

From these 3 factors, an average score comes and is presented on the SCORE field at the end of the review.

FINAL NOTE: Keep in mind that our opinions are very strict. We will try to be as realistic and objective as possible to protect you, so do not expect us to give easily to the games we review the ‘Great’ or “Epic” description. For a game to receive that kind of title, it must excel in almost every department, something which is only feasible by AAA games (Mostly…).

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UPDATE 2021: Due to time constraints, our many of our new game reviews come in the form of “quick reviews”, thus showing only the essential information for the potential player such as the most important pros and cons of each game, its rating in the 5 aforementioned categories, its final score and brief verdict. Enjoy!!