Platform reviewed onXbox One.

Also on: Playstation 4, PC.

General/ Plot….7

I am a huge fan of the Dark Souls franchise. From Demons’ Souls back in 2009 on the Playstation 3, i have played and finished every single game in the series (apart from Bloodborne, which is unfortunately on Playstation 4). Truth be told though, i do not think the plot is their “ace in the sleeve”, since it is very well hidden. The game gradually lets you find out about the characters and what is going on in the world. In general, in this one, you take the role of an Ashen One, who is trying to link the flame by returning five awoken lords of cinder to their thrones. There are a lot of side quests (again most of them hidden) given by NPCs that upon completion, reveal more fragments about the story that let you assemble the puzzle.


The game features really good graphics. They are much improved from the former games of the series. The character models, especially the gruesome monsters are your nightmares incarnate and are a true spectacle to see. A lot of attention and care has been given to them. However, there are still some generic zombies and slimes that are a bit boring to watch. The bosses are enormous and imposing, making you freeze at their sight the first time you encounter them. Also, in the game there is a large amount of spells that upon firing, have very nice effects and are a true treat for the eyes. The landscapes that you visit are varied; from natural landscapes and lakes to large caves underneath some catacombs, all of which are beautifully created and brimming with treasures and enemies.

Sound Design….8

Developers have done a great job in this department. The sound design  is very good. When a battle with a boss starts, the music that plays is so epic that gives you goosebumps (try fighting Farron Watchers and you will see what i mean). Generally, all of the tunes have a sense of “epicness” that go hand to hand with the game. As you swing your weapons upon you enemies, you can hear your tools of destruction slashing the wind and landing upon them, ripping their flesh apart. As you summon fire balls from your hands and aiming it on your foes, you will be amazed by the sound they create while scorching the air in front of you. What i did not like as far as sound design is concerned was the voice acting. Most of the actors, while they had a decent voice, it felt like they were a bit bored while playing their in game counterparts.


This is the best Dark Souls as far as game play is concerned. From the Warrior to the Sorcerer, every class plays uniquely. I managed to finish the game twice, the first time using a warrior and the second time using a pyromancer and the game was both times a completely different experience. Furthermore, weapons now have secondary functions;  By pressing the left trigger,  your character changes stance and performs new types of attacks. Moreover, the world is interconnected, with a lot of shortcuts and treasures to discover. The multiplayer has remained the same; there are summon signs that other players (or some NPCs) leave on the ground and by stepping on them you can summon their phantoms in your world to assist or fight you.  Also for those of you not familiar with these types of games (though i felt the difficulty on this one was a bit toned down), one word of advice: Persist and do not give up. You are going to die. Period. The enemies are relentless and will not let you breathe for a single second. However, AI is a bit off sometimes, especially when firing upon enemies from a distance. They will sit there watching you until you provoke them by engaging in melee combat.

Value for money….9

I played Dark Souls 3 for about 110 hours (with the DLCs) and yet i feel that there is a lot to be discovered, in terms of loot and NPC missions. It is one of the best value for money games out there, especially if you are a fan of action adventure RPG. You can pick it up right now at a very decent price, since it is 2 years old already. “Prepare to die”, gentlemen…

SCORE…..8.2, “Great”.

P.S.: To get a taste of its brilliant gameplay, click here.