Platform reviewed onXbox One.

Also on: PC.

General/ Plot….6

Here, we have one of the most famous game of 2017. Player Unknown Battlegrounds has undoubtedly made quite an impact on Twitch and it is one of the most broadcasted games on the platform. So, what is it all about?? Well first of all, you create a character with a very basic character creator. Then, you parachute yourself on an enormous map (only 2 available at the moment) and you fight 99 other players,  trying to emerge victorious from this chaos. Or die trying, which is most likely to happen. That’s about it.


Well i know that the game is still “early access”, but since Microsoft demands you to pay 30 euros for it, i have to judge it as it is released in its final version. The graphics are functional but with a lot of glitches and flaws. Countless times, after i landed on the map, i waited for about 30 seconds for the session to fully load the textures and believe me, the spectacle while i was waiting was atrocious. Other times my character stuck completely inside walls or floors, making my game crash completely. Eventually when everything loaded and decided to work, i was not impressed. There are occasional frame rate drops (i think the game is locked on 30 FPS) to the point i felt was watching a slideshow, especially when driving a vehicle. The water also looks very ugly (at least for the Xbox One S version of the game). The map in general has varied landscapes but you do not have a lot of time to admire them because, apart from the players, you are also being constantly chased by a blue force field that restricts the battlefield forcing you to change positions rapidly. I will give credit to the developers though, because the game has been improved quite a lot on the graphics department since it first launched on Xbox One on December 2017.

Sound Design…5

Here, apart from the sound effects which are pretty accurate on the battlefield, there is absolutely no music apart from the main menu screen. Gunfire, foot steps etc. sound  good but to be honest, i was again not impressed. The sound of the vehicles is marginally above average. Gunshots when heard from a distance are very unimpressive. The developers have to pay a lot of attention here, because the sound design is for me of very low quality.


The game here does a fine job, especially when playing in a squad and communicating with other players. Every time you step into a house, trying to find a nice piece of armor or a decent weapon, you can feel your brow sweating brow due to the fact that one mistake and you are dead. No re spawns. Teamwork, strategy and tactics are of utmost importance to reach the final phase of the game session with your squad alive. And believe me, doing so is a very gratifying experience. However, there is a very steep learning curve and absolutely no practice mode to train yourself. The reward system is awful, since you have to play well and  invest a lot of time to acquire in game money just to be able to buy random cosmetic stuff for your digital character. In addition, weapons feel just right but you have absolutely no aim assist what so ever, meaning that if you are an amateur like me, you are more likely to shoot anything else but your target.

Value for Money…..6

While it is not a great game, there is a lot of room for improvement here before it releases as a full game. And i am convinced that due to the extravagant amount of sales on Xbox One and PC, developers will actually update it to a point that it will be a worthy investment. To be sincere, right now it is just a very bare bones 3rd (or 1st person) shooter that offers some excitement but that is about it. Try it before purchase.

SCORE:…..6.2, “Good”.