Platform reviewed onXbox One.

Also on: Playstation 4, PC, OS X, Switch, Linux.

General/ Plot……8

Let me see..i bought this game a little after i purchased my old fat Xbox One, back on November 2016. 1 and a half year later and i still play it frequently. This game is about (mostly) 3 versus 3 matches that feature remote controlled 4 wheeled vehicles that play something like football. Imagine trying to control a car and simultaneously play billiards in a 3D plane, and you will get the idea. In other words, this game is a “dream come true” for every contemporary male that ever stepped foot on planet earth. Period.


The graphics for the purpose of the game are quite functional. Cars, antennas, tires, body kits everything looks as shiny as the attitude of this game demands it to be. The playing fields are versatile and very well crafted, meaning that you have the opportunity to play from regular stadiums to ice fields. At the start of every season, the developer (Psionics) releases more stages for the players to play in. Moreover, the special effects are truly awesome. Try climbing a wall whilst boosting and jump off of it and it feels like playing a Hollywood stuntman.

Sound Design…….6

The sound effects are really nothing special. The soundtrack is, in my opinion, average at best with some good tunes but by no means you will put any of its tracks on your phone and listen to it. Truth be told though, you will not be bothered by this fact or while playing, since there is absolutely no music when in the field purposefully, since you will have to hear where the ball is coming from and plan accordingly.

Game play…………10

This is where the game truly shines. You can control the car in all directions, that means you can turn and move your creation in all 3 axis. This gives you the opportunity to hit the ball from whichever angle you want resulting in more or less powerful shots that will possibly lead to spectacular goals. The possibilities are endless and as you progress and gather more and more hours under your belt, you will manage eventually to do extraordinary things. Scoring a goal while soaring in the air with the finger glued on the boost button is a gratifying experience that never gets old. Things become much better when playing with guys who actually know what they are doing and the communication between you results in awesome moments.

Value for money..10

Rocket league is a game that either you will love, either you’ll abandon quite soon, due to the fact that it requires a lot of persistence and patience in order to get better. However, despite the fact that the game is already 3 years old, its fan base is still growing thus meaning that it is a game worth the time and money investment. I have played for over 1000 hours and i will not be giving it up anytime soon.

SCORE:…8.4/10, “Great”.

P.S.: Check out some gameplay footage here.


“For squandering 1000+ hours without ever getting bored”